Why 2018 is the Perfect Year for You to Try a Travel Advisor

Why 2018 is the Perfect Year for You to Try a Travel Advisor

Using a travel agent can help improve your vacation

Imagine you board your plane, convinced that you’re heading for your destination. But when you deplane, you find out that you – and all of your fellow passengers – are actually 600 miles away from your destination. The airline is willing to provide you with some accommodation, but they can’t fly you to the right place until the next day.

Or one day, you’re sitting on the beach when you get wind of the fact that a hurricane is scheduled to hit where you are. Maybe you’re up north in Boston when the fourth Nor’easter of the year is scheduled to dump multiple feet of snow on the ground. Flights are being cancelled left and right. You’re stuck at the airport and the hotels in the area have sold out of rooms. What are you supposed to do?

When travel disruptions occur, a travel advisor can be your best friend. Of course, travel advisors are making a comeback now, and there are multiple reasons why using an advisor can help you both during a travel issue and outside of that. Whether you’re planning a trip, in your destination, or dealing with a missed connection, your travel advisor will be there to help.

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Why Use a Travel Advisor?

  • Planning a trip can be difficult, so why not get an expert opinion? Your travel advisor has extensive travel experience. In many cases, like here at Classic Travel, we want to ensure that our clients are going to destinations that we know they will love – so we make sure to send them places that we have experienced ourselves. Want to take your family on a Disney cruise? That’s great! Find a travel advisor with a passion for Disney who has visited the parks numerous times. If you’re interested in Paris, it makes sense to have a travel advisor whose favorite destination in the entire world is Paris. Even if you’re looking to book a trip to an island, find an exclusive tour guide, or take a cruise, your travel advisor will be able to speak to you about your specific needs and help you choose the right fit for you.
  • 24/7 contact means you’ll never be stuck alone. Your travel advisor is prepared to help you – wherever and whenever you need it. A 24-hour phone service means that you’ll have someone to help you out of your situation, even if you run into issues in the middle of the night. At Classic Travel & Tours, we have travel advisors available from 8am to 7:30pm, with some even working later to ensure that people are taken care of. But if any of our clients run into trouble at any other point in time, they can call into our 24-hour service to help them on their way. With the help of a travel advisor, you will never need to worry about dealing with travel-related issues alone.
  • Travel advisors are knowledgeable about travel fees, airline waivers, restrictions, and other charges. Let’s say you are scheduled to travel. Your hotel and flights are all booked. But a few days before you leave, you get the flu and cannot travel. Instead of dealing with airline change fees and hotel cancellation fees, your travel advisor can help negotiate – ultimately saving you money. If you are dealing with an inclement weather event, a travel agent can also help negotiate with the airline to keep you from having to pay change fees. They can also help save you from stress during this time. While travel advisor services do have fees, the value that they can provide to you will save you money overall.
  • A travel advisor will be your travel advocate. Your advisor is ready to be your safety net. A great travel advisor advocates for your needs throughout your entire trip. When it comes to dealing with your airline(s), hotel(s), transportation, reservations, or anything else, your advisor makes sure everything runs smoothly.
  • With a travel advisor, you can get great insight into the best restaurants, hotels, flights, tours, and amenities available. Your advisor wants you to have the best trip possible. So they are going to help you find the places you’ll be most comfortable, the tours you’ll have the most fun on, and the restaurants that you, your friends, and your family will be raving about for ages. Because of great industry connections, you can also receive exclusive tours and amenities that other travelers may not be privy to.





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