Interview with Jessica from Seasoned Travelr

It has always occurred to Jessica, the Seasoned Travelr, to explore the world. This California girl now lives in beautiful Barcelona, exploring as much of Europe as she possibly can. She considers herself to be a wine lover, foodie, adventure seeker, psychology nerd, novice photographer, and shoestring traveler. So far, she has had the opportunity…
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Travel as Life: An Interview with Nick from Goats on the Road

In 2008, Canadian couple Nick and Dariece took a one-week vacation to Mexico. This trip inspired them to change their lives forever. Their all-inclusive vacation showed them that they wanted to explore, to see the world, to chase their passions. Eight months later, the pair was off, taking a 13-month trek through Southeast Asia. Through…
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Using a travel agent can help improve your vacation

Why 2018 is the Perfect Year for You to Try a Travel Advisor

Imagine you board your plane, convinced that you’re heading for your destination. But when you deplane, you find out that you – and all of your fellow passengers – are actually 600 miles away from your destination. The airline is willing to provide you with some accommodation, but they can’t fly you to the right…
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Overview of Prague, Czech Republic

Prague through my Lens

Courtesy of Alexa H.  This past summer of 2017, I took a trip to Prague for a 19-day photography camp. I met up with 21 other photographers, three counselors, and one National Geographic expert; from there, I began my journey. On the first day, we just experienced the city with our cameras, began to explore,…
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Real ID Act: What You Need to Know

The Real ID Act: How Will It Affect Your Travel?

Have you ever used your driver’s license or state ID for identification while at the airport? If you have, that might soon be changing with the onset of the Real ID Act. This act requires each state to create compliant identification cards. If your state isn’t compliant, your driver’s license will not be sufficient to…
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