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Active & Adventure Travel

If you’re someone who loves to stay active, but also has an extensive bucket list, active/adventure travel is the choice for you. Grab your gear – or rent some from our tour operators – and prepare to hike, snorkel, ski, and bike through your destination of choice. Mix physical activity, immersive cultural experiences, and your dream destinations to create an adventure curated specially for you.


France & Spain

Traveling to France or Spain will introduce you to a world of culture, history, and decadence. Indulge in haute cuisine, tapas, and fine wine, or choose to explore the multitude of historical landmarks across both countries. Smell the ocean breeze as you relax by the aquamarine waters, or treat yourself to a fancy dinner at Le Jules Verne on the top of the Eiffel Tower. Whatever your bucket list entails, Classic Travel is here to bring your travel dreams to life.


Italy & Greece: A Mediterranean Dream

Travel to the Mediterranean for crisp, gorgeous cities bordering the sea, fresh seafood, and a diverse mixing of cultures. Watch the sunset from Oia or take a winery tour in Greece, or explore the rugged coastline of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. When you’re in the Mediterranean, you have the option of learning to make fresh pasta, admiring the views, or partaking in a multitude of private tours that give you an exclusive view at what the region has to offer. Can’t choose? You don’t have to – feel free to indulge in all you want!


Portugal & Morocco

Close your eyes and imagine walking through a Moroccan marketplace. Smell the savory tagines and spices wafting through the air. Now smell the salty sea breeze in Portugal, where you’ll enjoy walking on the beach as much as you will exploring ancient architecture or drinking wine in Duoro. Whether you’re looking for culinary delights or stunning sights, Portugal and Morocco could be the travel destinations for you.


Relaxation on the Beach

Sometimes you just want a peaceful getaway, where you can relax, smell the ocean breeze, and hear the waves lapping at the shore. Rent a private villa by the beach in the Seychelles, go snorkeling in Tahiti, or simply enjoy a cocktail in your quiet, luxury villa on Petit St. Vincent. Tell us what type of tropical scene you’re looking for and let us match you to your ideal beach getaway.


Wine Tours

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of wine? Spend a day exploring vineyards on the Napa Valley Wine Train, customize a luxury French wine tour, or indulge in fine wine from the numerous premium wine regions located in Italy. Your wine tours can encompass a full-day or can be limited to a specific amount of time, fully dependant on your particular needs.


United States: Travel Domestically

While many people would love to travel internationally, there are some brilliant sights to see in the United States as well. If you’re looking to take surfing lessons in Hawaii, photograph some breathtaking nature scenery, immerse yourself in arts and culture, or simply see some great landmarks, it’s time to get inspired.


African Safari

Looking for an immersive, transformative travel experience? Take a break from the usual with an African safari. In your spare time, relax at your luxury safari lodge and camp. Then join your experienced safari guide out in the Savannah, where you can watch the beauty of the wild unfold. Each safari is unique, and we can help design your custom safari trip based on what you want to see. Try and photograph one of the Big Five while you are there!


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